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Academic Collaboration between UNICEF Iraq & Universities in the Middle East?

March 18, 2010

1. UNICEF (MENARO) + Columbia (Public Health)

CUMERC (Columbia University Middle East Research Center) is facilitating collaboration with UNICEF MENARO (Middle East and North Africa Regional Office) and the School of Public Health of Columbia University. Through this collaboration, this center is providing information for training, operation research, and technical assistance for UNICEF’s health programs in the Middle East.

2. UNICEF (Iraq) + Columbia (SIPA, TC)

CUMERC already has a strong partnership with Teachers College and applying the expertise of Teachers College (Columbia University) to education in Jordan. In our research back in NYC, we are planning to utilize some of these resources for our project.

3. UNICEF (Iraq) + Universities in the Middle East?

As the next step, it would be an exciting opportunity if CUMERC could serve as a hub for research and would facilitate academic collaboration between UNICEF, Columbia University, and other universities in Middle East (of course, including universities in Iraq) to make this project sustainable with local ownership.

Maki (Iraq Team)

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